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Where Normal Is thriving in a life where you regularly have an abundance of great sex; openly, honestly, ethically and safely with multiple friends, lovers and people you happen to like. 
Freedom Seekers
Liberate yourself from tradition and conformity to conventional thinking and norms by intentionally choosing to create the ECNM (Ethical and Consensual Non-Monogamous) life of your dreams rather than continue defaulting to the life you have
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an ECNM (Ethical and Consensual Non-Monogamous) Lifestyle having an abundance of sex with multiple people even if and when you are in a relationship.
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Freedom Seekers Create a Magnetic ELF (Easy, Liberated, Fun) Life making it acceptable and normal in society for you to regularly, openly, honestly, ethically and safely have more sex with more people more often
- especially when you are in a serious or romantic relationship 
Human Sexuality and sexual energy can be the most powerful bad ass force for positive growth and change in your life. Yet, because you are relegated to live a monogamous life (or give the appearance you are living a monogamous life) you limit, restrict, suppress and repress your sexuality doing the same to your ongoing personal growth and development marginalizing your potential as a human being. Isn't that depressing? Perhaps that explains why so many people take anti-depressant drugs and therapies.

Rather than be and become the unique progressive non-conforming unconventional individual your authentic self is meant to be, you follow conventional wisdom and norms even if doing so fails to bring out the best in you and give the best of you to the world. If you do live an ECNM life it is probably lived out in the same place LGBT people lived out their lives 30 years ago for all the same reasons; in the closet. ECNM stands for Ethical and Consensual Non-Monogamous.

Freedom Seekers are changing that so you can live your life being your best authentic self recognizing that as human beings we are highly sexual beings. Way more people would be non-monogamous living their authentic life as their best self rather than compromising it if it was acceptable to live an ECNM life as your best - ever changing, growing and developing - authentic self. As it is, there are 12 - 15 Million people in the US living an ECNM life in the closet.   
Openly, Honestly, Ethically and Safely
Have More Sex With More People More Often 
Even If You Are In A Committed Relationship
By Bringing Out The Best In YOURSELF
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Begin your journey of liberation today so you can openly, honestly, ethically and safely have more sex with more people even if you are in a relationship!
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Non-Monogamous Mark will 
Stretch and Exercise Your Mental and Emotional Muscles on a Journey that liberates your life from conventional thinking creating new normal's in 4 key areas so you can be and become your best authentic sexy and sexual self living a sexually liberated ECNM lifestyle of your dreams. The 4 key areas are; increase your freedom in wellness, wealth, relationships and sex!
  • Wellness: Make healthy lifestyle choices to get and stay well rather than dependent on a fast growing health care industry that is after your money keeping you dependent rather than getting you well
  • ​Wealth: There is little freedom in having a job, or even being in most business. Creating a life of financial freedom comes from creating real wealth. 
  • Relationships and ​Sex: Bringing out the best in yourself eliminates competition making you the hunted rather than the hunter for sex. Create a life worth getting out of bed for with an abundance of the best sex of your life happening now, as an ongoing experience, rather than in memories of the distant past
When you become your best authentic self you no longer have to be left in the land of scarcity where you are wishing, wanting and hoping other people will have a relationship and/or sex with you because when you become the best authentic self you can be, there will be an abundance of desirable quality people who like you and want to have a relationship and/or sex with you. 
Welcome to the land of abundance through the window of being the highest version of yourself finding freedom in wellness, financial freedom in building wealth, relationship and sexual freedom so you have all the sex with all the people you desire.
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You are A Freedom Seeker if...
As a Freedom Seeker you are, or want to start being, focused on living a life of growth to be your best authentic self; liberating yourself from conventional and common thinking to increase your abundance of wellness, wealth, relationships and sex. Being a Freedom Seeker becomes a way of life in order to grow your life. Become a progressive, unconventional, un-common, non-conformist and thrive in life experiencing a new level of freedom.

Non-Monogamous Lifestyles Association is devoted to creating a new normal among society where it is normal to regularly have great sex openly, honestly, ethically and safely with multiple friends, lovers and people you simply like; all at the same time or one at a time, but more than one person over the course of weeks living an ECNM (Ethical and Consensual Non-Monogamous) life. Non-Monogamous Lifestyles Association is also giving birth to The Camel Toe Club to celebrate the proud showing of camel toes as a statement of a woman's power, strength and beauty. 

There ought not be any shame for being the sexual human being you are. If being a slut is having sex with more than one person than being a slut should come with honor and respect, not shame, knowing you are someone who more than one person wants to have sex with you because of the wonderful person you are rather than some biological drive of nature that having a penis or a vagina gives you.  

Slut shaming needs to be something of the past and have no part in life today. Being a slut is being a wonderful well put together human being who happens to enjoy sexual pleasures with multiple people and multiple people know and like you well enough, as the wonderful human being you are, to want to have sex with you. No one should ever be shamed for that.

Shame is in needing to suppress, repress, limit and restrict your authentic self by depressing your sexuality and then be deceitful and dishonest dening and covering up that you are having sex. 

Cheating is the result of parents and society raising kids following the conventional thinking of monogamy that people should not be exploring sexually until they are adults and even then only on a very limited basis. Kids learn they have to cheat (lie, cover up and deceive) to begin exploring their sexuality and then we wonder why so much cheating and hurt in adult relationships happens. Freedom Seekers can put an end to the need for cheating.
Sexual abuse in all forms happens at higher rates in sexually repressed societies than in sexually open and progressive societies. Sexual abuse in all forms would lessen in a society that is liberated from the conventional wisdom and norms of a society formed and based on religion where you have to cover up the fact that you are having sex rather than being free, open and honest about enjoying it.

It is parents and society that should be ashamed when sex has to be covered up like it is something shameful, bad or private; not those living ECNM lives as Freedom Seekers exploring, discovering, growing, failing, learning and changing to be and become their best authentic self who happens to be someone having a lot of sex, enjoying it and having sex with multiple people.
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